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KTT Global Advisors is a financial consulting firm that provides part-time CFO support to VC-backed, PE-owned, and OTC-traded emerging technology companies.

All The Experience At A Fraction Of The Price

KTT Global Advisors is staffed by DOERS. We have experience as accountants, controllers, FP&A managers, and CFOs. We have led fundraises and guided companies through successful exits. We have managed financial, SOX, and HR audits. We have done SEC reporting. And we are up-to-date on the latest trends in the profession – our principals hold ACTIVE CPA licenses (ask a CFO the last time they were current on their CPE!). Since KTT Global Advisors also includes a tax consultancy, we have knowledge in an area that most startup CFOs know little about.

All the experience, all the support, at a fraction of the price.

Who We Are

A Global Presence

Our location right outside New York City positions us at the center of the global economy. When necessary, we can access almost any client with a non-stop flight (yes, Mumbai is a non-stop flight from New York!). However, we believe that location is less important than global experience and understanding, and we have that.

Our principals have lived and worked in some of the most vibrant business centers – for instance, our president had a successful 20 year career in the Silicon Valley as a small company financial leader, and maintains close ties to the area. He has also traveled extensively for work – Asia, Australia, India (multiple times), Europe. Our “low overhead” approach means that you don’t pay for our midtown workspace or rent for an office in Palo Alto. That doesn’t add value to your business.

Creative Thinkers

We have lengthy, successful, corporate track records and understand the sometimes subtle dynamics of a business. However, one of the reasons we love fractional CFO work is that we can innovate and tailor approaches that will work for YOU. At the same time, we are grounded in the fundamentals that are the foundation of any successful business.

Tech Finance Experts

We get tech. We love the forward-looking nature of the industry and the fast-moving pace of the work. While one of the key roles of a fractional CFO is to make sure the “basics” are covered - accounting, reporting, tax, legal (HR, contract, registrations/filings), we are not burdened by large-company routine or groupthink. We know what is important, and what is a waste of time (like too many meetings!)

World Class Service

We love what we do, and are always available to address issues as they arise. Since we are not employees of your company, we are even more passionate about the service we provide - if you aren’t successful, our business fails. It’s as simple as that.

Our Services

What We Offer

Let’s get your business running so smooth your investors will want tips on how to do it. Start with an assessment by an experienced CFO to see what your needs are. What stage is your business at? Looking to put a solid administrative and finance infrastructure in place? Eyeing a fundraise? Approaching an exit?

Let us serve as an extension of your executive team and position your business for growth.

For smaller companies, tax is not a dominant concern, but if you screw it up it can derail you from achieving your goals. We know state, federal, and international tax issues. Income. Property. Payroll. Sales (incl VAT). Transfer pricing. Get it straight the first time. (Personal tax advisory not included)!

Like tax, you want your accounting processes running smoothly.  We know how it’s done, and can manage your accounting team or suggest a partner who can do a professional job.  Nothing will slow up a fundraise, or due diligence during a sale, more than messed up books.

Past Achievements

Featured Case Study

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Gather Content, Ltd (GatherContent) is a B2B SaaS content operations platform that allows content to be created and managed across an organization. In 2021, management of GatherContent decided to engage with potential investors with the goal of accelerating product and sales growth. KTT Global Advisors was brought in as a fractional CFO to help guide GatherContent through a successful investment or exit.


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