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Big Company Finance for
Your Rapid-Growth Startup

KTT Global helps VC-backed, PE-owned, and OTC-traded tech companies 

build their financial engine for hypergrowth in the US and beyond.

We Bring World-Class Finance to
Emerging Tech Titans

You’re scaling fast, and you need the right financial strategies to match your pace. Your team should be focused on execution in their function, so leave the finance and admin to us. You DON’T need a big team, you need a SMART team. Most small companies under $20M only need a fractional CFO and a bookkeeping firm.

We have 25+ years of experience solving complex problems and building scalable financial systems for innovative tech startups. Ready for market domination in the US and beyond? 

Here’s how KTT Global Advisors can help:


Access executive-level financial expertise on-demand to navigate critical business decisions and drive your company's growth.


Maximize your tax savings and minimize risks with expert guidance tailored to keep your company compliant and efficient.


Leverage accurate and insightful financial reporting to fuel your growth and steer your startup towards profitability.

International Expansion

Seamlessly enter and thrive in global markets with our strategic planning, compliance mastery, and extensive network connections.

Meet Your Next CFO:
More Action, Less Talk

Want a CFO who is not just all talk? KTT Global Advisors is staffed by DOERS. We’re built for the roll-up-your-sleeves, move-fast, and get-stuff-done environment of hypergrowth startups. We have plenty of titles (CFO, CPA, FP&A managers, controller, tax strategist, etc), but what we really matters is the results we deliver. See our case studies or read our testimonials below to see the proof.

We have led fundraises and guided companies through successful exits. We have managed financial, SOX, and HR audits. We have done SEC reporting. And we have expertise in something most startup CFOs know little about – Taxes!

All the experience, all the support, at a fraction of the price.

Why Choose
KTT Global Advisors

Let’s get your business running so smooth your investors will want tips on how to do it. Start with an assessment by an experienced CFO to see what your needs are.

Choosing KTT Global Advisors means you’re partnering with a team that’s rooted in real-world tech startup success and deep financial expertise. Our roots were founded in Silicon Valley, the heart of tech innovation.  We know tech.

Our team is built on a foundation of over two decades in the financial trenches of the San Francisco Bay Area’s tech ecosystem. We’ve guided startups through rapid growth phases, successful exits, and the complexities of public company finance.

Leveraging extensive experience with global enterprises and public markets, we navigate complex financial landscapes, manage compliance at all levels, and deliver strategies that scale internationally.

We believe in democratizing access to top-tier financial advice. By offering high-caliber expertise without the overhead of larger firms, we make professional financial guidance affordable for startups.

What Makes Us Different


We love fractional CFO work because we innovate and tailor approaches that will work for YOU. At the same time, we are grounded in the fundamentals that are the foundation of any successful business.

Tech Finance

While we ensure the “basics” are covered - accounting, reporting, tax, legal, we are not burdened by large-company routine or groupthink. We know what is important for a tech startup.


We love what we do, and are always available to address issues as they arise. We are passionate about the service we provide - if you aren’t successful, our business fails. It’s as simple as that.

Case Studies

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Gather Content, Ltd (GatherContent) is a B2B SaaS content operations platform that allows content to be created and managed across an organization. In 2021, management of GatherContent decided to engage with potential investors with the goal of accelerating product and sales growth. KTT Global Advisors was brought in as a fractional CFO to help guide GatherContent through a successful investment or exit.
Airbrake Technologies
Airbrake Technologies
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Airbrake Technologies is an error and performance monitoring application for B2B SaaS platforms. New funding from incoming investors meant that the company had to bolster its executive team and position themselves for the next stage. As a fractional CFO, KTT Global Advisors became the financial face of Airbrake. The team was able to shepherd Airbrake to the next stage by leading fundraising and preparing them for a possible exit.


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