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GatherContent Case Study

Gather Content, Ltd (GatherContent) is a B2B SaaS content operations platform that allows content to be created and managed across an organization. In 2021, management of GatherContent decided to engage with potential investors with the goal of accelerating product and sales growth.

KTT Global Advisors was brought in as a fractional CFO to help guide GatherContent through a successful investment or exit. The team at KTT Global Advisors drew on their deep knowledge of the SaaS revenue recognition process to recalculate historical revenue to match industry standard, and worked with the accounting team to create an efficient revenue calculation process going forward.

The firm then produced a comprehensive set of SaaS financial metrics, which gave the management team clearer insight into the performance of the business, as well as highlighting areas on which to focus (MRR growth, reducing churn, etc). 

As GatherContent entered discussions with potential investors, KTT Global Advisors supported this process by creating a detailed financial model for the business, allowing the GatherContent management team to quickly respond to queries about the historical performance of, and future forecast for, the business.

KTT Global Advisors also helped to enable an efficient due diligence process by working with the GatherContent team to organize a library of standard documents, meaning that when interested parties presented due diligence requests, the team was able to swiftly turn these requests around. The 9-month engagement concluded with GatherContent’s successful acquisition by Bynder BV (NL) in February 2022.

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